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Motorized Patio Screens for a Comfortable Outdoor Space

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Motorized Patio Screens for a Comfortable Outdoor Space
Motorized patio screens can be added to any covered outdoor living area of a home. They’re perfect for keeping insects out, maintaining privacy, reducing glare from the sun, and for improving air circulation throughout the home while beautifying and creating a luxurious and functional space. It’s a great way to reduce cooling costs and to get fresh air moving naturally. Different colours can be chosen for the housing of the screens, and there are several ways of mounting the retractable screens, all of which are able to fit the décor of any home. With the push of a button, motorized patio screens can be deployed to create a more comfortable and elegant environment for you and your family.


Anyone can improve interior air quality by opening a door, but motorized patio screens make the experience a little better. They’re a great way to enjoy the outdoors without the bother of pests, prying eyes, or harmful UV radiation. Screens create an effective barrier to keep mosquitoes and other insects out of the way and allow people to enjoy a refreshing breeze in privacy. The best screens are easy to see out of, but difficult to see into. Motorized patio screens are also an effective way to reduce the amount of sunlight in the enclosed area. With motorized patio screens, comfort and sophistication can be attained with the simple push of a button.


When investing in motorized patio screens, durability is a factor that can’t be ignored. The best in the business offer a limited lifetime warranty that gives buyers peace of mind. The most reputable purveyors of motorized patio screens fabricate their systems using only parts manufactured in North America, and heavy-duty aluminum extrusions with a durable powder coated finish. To reduce wind blowout and screen damage, the finest motorized screens use an exclusive wind bar and mesh lock system. Be sure to invest in only the most durable product with the best limited lifetime warranty possible.

Mounting & Finish

Screen systems can be mounted flush inside an opening, outside on the surface of an opening, or can be recessed into a column to make the system invisible. When buying from the most reliable supplier, motorized patio screen housings come in four standard colours. Custom colours are available and the friendly and knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to help decide which is best for your unique home. They can be designed to fit discreetly on to any home.
Motorized patio screens are an ideal way to better enjoy your home. Make any outdoor living area more comfortable and opulent with a durable screening system. The beautiful finishes and choices of mounting methods available from the most reputable purveyor of motorized patio screens will fit on to any home, no matter how unique. Deploy screens in seconds with the push of a button and enjoy areas of the home that may have been underutilized in the past with a motorized patio screen.